Thursday, October 15, 2015

WAB Campaign

Anglo-Saxon archers from my Later Saxon WAB army looking for Vikings to shoot.
We have started our WAB campaign using the campaign rules from WAB 1.0.  So far there are Pyrrhic, Carthaginian, Republican Romans, Greeks & Normans committed to the fight.  Army totals are set at 1,500 points.  The system is set up so that we can take additional players at any time without them being at a significant disadvantage.  So, we are looking for more people, the more the better in this system and still have Viking and Later Saxons left for loaners.  We will be bringing the WAB armies to NOWSCON next weekend and plan to run some pickup games if possible.
Speaking of NOWSCON, we are running our Greene's Assault AWI Carnage & GloryII game Saturday morning at around 10:00AM.  This game can take up to 7-8 gamers and we hope to have a full house.  Stay tuned for an after action report next week.
On the painting front,  I finished 16 Perry Queen's Rangers to use as formed troops.  I already have 12 of them painted up and on skirmish bases.  So, now the Queen's Rangers can screw up all of our plans either in extended or two rank order.  I also finished basing 26 Perry plastic and metal 28mm French Napoleonic infantry and started to paint 2 squadrons of the 14th dragoons ( French Napoleonic).  I will post pics of these soon and bring the blog up to date on our current painting project - 28mm Napoleonics.
Paint, Paint, Paint

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