Saturday, October 24, 2015


The 1st Converged Grenadier battalion being led up by staff officer Cpt. McLean near the end of the "Greene's Assault" game at NOWSCON on October 24th.  Wargames Foundry grenadiers, Perry mounted officer.
NOWS (Northern Ohio Wargaming Society) is an old club based in the Cleveland area that Dave and I were active in 30 years ago.  We drifted away and ran games out of our basements for years and went to Historicon once a year.  Now that we are both retired and have much more time to devote to gaming, we thought we would try to reconnect with NOWS and have put on two games with them, one last spring and then again today at their "big" meet of the year.  The venue was in Avon on the Lake, literally on Lake Erie, but an hours drive from where we live on the far east side of Cleveland.  The game went off at 10:00, we had four players, Bob Lohman, one of the old guard we remember from the old days playing the part of the British.  A gentleman from Wisconsin and a couple from Youngstown fought the American side. 
True to form, Bob laid a classic "L" shaped trap for the Americans as they advanced into dense fog across fence lined fields.  His 1st Lights charged off his dominant hill and completely stalled the advance of the American right wing.  But, the Americans were well led on the left, seizing the hill and farm buildings which commanded the center of the British line.  Fighting was heavy along the main road east of Germantown with the British falling back in relatively good order to the east ravine. But still holding the high ground east of town, the British were able to keep the bridge across the ravine open for their reinforcements which had moved up from Philadelphia during the morning fog.
The 23rd Royal Welch Fuzileers, part of the British relief force led by LtCol. Mathews.  Perry figures and GMB flags.
The game was, as usual, played with the excellent Carnage and Glory II rules by Nigel Marsh.  We fought 10 turns and called the game after about 4 hours of play time.  None of the players had ever used these rules before and they picked up the system quite well.  It was a minor British victory with both sides taking a similar percentage of losses.  Honors went to the 1st Lights who stopped McDougal's attack on the American right dead in its tracks.  It's hard to stop fresh, elite troops charging downhill into a worn Continental line.  I think a good time was had by all, I know Dave and I enjoyed hosting the game.
And now..... it's time to prep for Fall In! which is only two weeks away.  We are scheduled to put "Lafayette Gets His Chance!" on twice on that Saturday at Fall In!  After that, we will be playing more AWI and continuing our WAB Campaign into the winter months.  Please contact us if you would like to play.
And I will be painting, painting and more painting 28mm Napoleonic  figures as part of our new and current painting project.
Pick up a brush!

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